Do you have important information that you need to provide to customers, employees, users, or partners? The right information delivered at the right time in the right form can transform your products and services, ensuring positive customer experiences and successful user interactions. Good technical documentation and information support delivers a number of benefits:

  • Happy, empowered customers and users
  • Higher-performing employees
  • More effective sales and marketing
  • Visible competitive advantage
  • Reduced support costs
  • Reduced training overheads and faster ramp-up times
  • Opportunities to guide user interactions with your product or service
  • Ongoing channel for customer relationship management

The development of hiqh-quality customer documentation can be a major challenge, particularly for smaller companies that cannot afford dedicated in-house documentation teams. NOCTURNE can work with you to identify your customer information and documentation needs, design solutions, and develop appropriate information resources that are guaranteed to increase customer satisfaction, enable sales, and reduce support overheads.

NOCTURNE offers flexible levels of support, ranging from a la carte services to the outsourcing of documentation functions. We can even step in to provide a complete turnkey solution for you, interfacing with your developers and subject matter experts, marketing primes and support personnel, and delivering finished, customer-ready documentation and training.

If you do have a documentation team but need additional support, we can help by offering template development, audience and usability analysis, supplementary technical writing, online help development, training support, technical illustration, and technical editing.