A key foundation of NOCTURNE’s approach to innovation and problem solving is knowledge management (KM).

Managing knowledge means identifying, creating and communicating insight, experience, skill, and the information needed to accomplish goals. Knowledge management is about educating and empowering individuals — whether they’re employees, clients, consumers, users or the general public — through better information and more effective communications.

Improved knowledge management brings clear benefits:

  • for organizations — managing institutional knowledge like any other asset, optimizing human performance and decision-making, and facilitating business continuity and succession planning
  • for employers — a more satisfied, focused and empowered workforce that’s able to take ownership, comply with policies and processes, and improve quality
  • for marketers — more effective campaigns, with greater understanding and awareness of your offerings among customers
  • for technology companies — reduced support costs and happier users
  • for public policy — better informed citizens with a clearer understanding of issues and platforms.

NOCTURNE can help you maximize the effectiveness of your organization, personnel, knowledge and communications. Key NOCTURNE solutions include:

  • Knowledge-management strategies
  • Mentoring and knowledge-transfer programs
  • Content management systems (CMS) and corporate documentation systems — used to organize, optimize and monetize your content, and to give your employees and customers easy, effective access to the information they need.